How Will You Ship Your Car If it Does Not Run?


Your automobile or truck is obviously not running, if it does not run at all. However, most car shipping firms would classify your car as “non-running” even if it runs, but not efficiently or safely. Due to the complexity, some car carriers may decline to export a non-running vehicle.

Ship a Car, Inc., in contrast, specialises in the challenging shipments that others would not. You will need a car carrier that meets your demand if you have just bought an antique car or a car that does not run. Visit to speak with a salesperson and get more information about the vehicle.

Many auto transport businesses do move autos on a regular basis, and they ship completely functional vehicles than other types of vehicles. This implies that while it is possible for a company to transport your non-running vehicle, it is not guaranteed.

Look over the following advice to make sure the procedure goes as smoothly as possible.

Ideally, you should try to fix the car yourself because doing so will ultimately save you money and hassle. Purchase a new battery, for instance, if you are aware that the car’s inability to start is due to the battery’s age.

In most circumstances, it will only cost you $40 to $60. Replace the tire if it is flat. The argument is that a little maintenance or repair task should not be postponed.

What specifically is wrong with the car, the car carrier will inquire. This enables them to load it safely and makes them aware of potential shipping dangers. Do not forget to take your valuables from the car and drain all the fluids.

You should never, ever tell the auto transfer firm that your car is not running, as soon as the driver arrives to pick it up. They should always be consulted first, so inform them of the condition of your car.

This is necessary because not every auto transport firm is prepared for or eager to transfer a non-running vehicle. Second, even if they do carry non-running autos, the auto transport carrier will require specialized tools to do so.

More specifically, a winch will be required to load and unload it. The problem is that not all vehicle transport trucks are equipped with a winch, therefore some of them will need to manually attach it beforehand.

You are out of luck, so to speak, if the driver arrives to pick up your car without a winch.

Will it cost more?

The vast majority of the time, you will pay more. Typically, it will cost an additional $150 to $200. Go with a different firm or try to haggle with them if you are given an estimate that is higher.

Because carriers must load and unload non-running vehicles, it adds time to the operation and causes the driver inconvenience, which is why the cost is higher. That is why, as was already discussed, it is advisable to try to repair your car so that at least your car is in running condition again.

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